Mama Bear

When our daughter was little we used to call her goldilocks and then when our son arrived he was baby bear.  She hated this name preferring to be the innocent bear than the naughtly little girl who broke into the bear's cottage and helped herself to all their things.  (Perhaps now she's a grown up she wouldn't mind that naughty label.)  

Anyway I love being mummy bear, it seems it's ok to have this nick name even when the children have all grown up.

I put a search in and found lots of lovely ideas for gifts for mama bears, such as lovely key rings, t shirts, drinks bottles, posters and framed pictures and other things.  

(This is not me looking for presents, simply wondering how many other mummy bears there are out there? Send me a message to get your very own mama bear discount code, for yourself or for someone you love.)

Big Bear Hugs


PS - anyone seen this poster going round facebook it just about sums it up if you're a bear fan!

Nothing like a DevonGrizzlies bear hug!

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