GCSE Revision Buddies!

One of the first bears I made was a gift for my son who was studying for his GCSEs (well at least I set up a desk space for him and on a couple of occasions he sat there!).  

I made a little black bear to keep him company.  This was definitely a labour of love as the black bears are the hardest to make as it is difficult to see the thread when you are sewing.  This little bear kept my son company but long after the exams have passed he is still hanging out in his room.  

These little bears make a great gift for your child to remind them that they are loved whatever happens.  They wait patiently on a shelf or desk but can also be slipped inside a school bag and go where you can't go (as far as the exam room) and who knows maybe even off to University with them in a few years time.

Here is a picture of my daughter's bear 'Valentino' who is with her now at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.  This was another difficult bear to make as I used vintage velvet which although beautiful was extremely difficult to cut and sew.

Valentino obviously showing off how flexible he is!

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