Hector the Hare is happy in his new home.

I had to pop in to Exeter the day Hector was due to travel to his new home so I took him with me to see the sights.  We had our lunch on the Cathedral green and watched the world go by.  He was desperate to have a bounce on the green grass but I managed to persuade him to settle into his travelling box ready for his journey to his new home.

His new owner hadn’t realised that he is a one off, completely unique.  He has gone to join her Hare collection and that led me to wonder whether there might be room in our DevonGrizzlies nursery for another Hare.  Message me if you think this is a good idea and I’ll look again at my design.  

The place is certainly quiet without him.  Here is a picture of him hanging out with his two best buddies Percy and Peanut. 

Percy is happily settled in his new home so Peanut has been feeling quite lonely without them.  Sometimes she plays with LittleRed and Tess and Buzz but she’s hoping that she will soon be chosen for a new family.

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