Traditional Mohair Teddy Bears being made and hanging out in their Devon home.

Hold on tightly little one!

Bear cubs on adventures!

Custom made little bear cub. Born from wool.

Putting up bunting ready for the Platinum Jubilee

'Dandelion' baby made from the Mon Pilou pattern and waiting for the rest of her clothes!

Custom Bears with their handmade felt toys.

DevonGrizzlies featured in Teddy Bear Times!

Love seeing the hug altogether.

I can't believe we are in spring! Where has the time gone!

Puppy love.

Very excited to be featured in the Teddy Bear Times!

Echo is the quietest little elephant but she does love to see the flowers start to bloom.

Harrison is the largest of my bears at 40cm and is happy to represent us at Powderham Castle. Contact me for custom makes.

Bonnie, ready to go and do a very important job across the sea.

The new Gallery at Powderham Castle looks amazing, if you're in Devon check it out.

A little close up of the gang having fun at Powderham Castle.

Here they all are settling into the new Gallery at Powderham Castle #artatpowderham. Harrison is the biggest bear in the centre.

She was adamant that she get 'The photo' trying to hold up the moon!

Bonnie was so excited to see the moon at Exeter Cathedral.

Just hanging out in the sunshine.

Peter won't take his party crown off!

Peter won't go anywhere without his very own DevonGrizzlies little ted.

Bella and Mia all ready to go to a very special sleep over with two special little girls. They have little mattresses, blankets, nightie's, flower headresses and toy elephants.

Mia already for the big sleep over. Custom make for two special little girls. Message me if you are interested in a custom make.

Where did everyone go?

Can we go for a picnic yet?

I was so lucky to be able to take the bears to this lovely eco cabin hiding away from the world.

Jacob getting ready to travel to his new home. Such a sweet little fellow.

Look at that cute cotton tail!

Making bears in the woods what a treat.

I love all my bears but I think I'm going to find it harder than usual to say goodbye to Theo. He is such a little character and into everything!

I know they are only little but they give great hugs!

Look at those sweet eyes. Adam waiting patiently for lunch.

All the bears are carefully wrapped in tissue inside a sturdy box which makes a great presentation box but can also be recycled.

Sophie is such a sweet little bear who has made great friends with Harriet and loves playing with the rest of her cousins.

Harriet is so proud of her fluffy white tail.

Sophie and Harriet Hare hanging out together.

A sunny day in Exmouth and Honey can't resist a drive past the beach huts to see the sea.

Peanut, Charcoal, Buzz, Honey and Rocky

Little Red, Charcoal, Peanut, Honey, Buzz and Rocky.

Rocky was very patient waiting for this bunch of youngsters to pose.

Peanut rushing to get ready for her photoshoot.

A rare time when Buzz sat still long enough for a picture of this little brother and sister Mohair pair.

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