Percy the Patient

Just finished this sweet little bear and am wondering whether I'll be able to part with him.  They are all my favourites (particularly at the point when I place them in their little box ready to post off to their new owner) but he has really captured my heart.

He was literally pushed out of line by Hector who pressed himself into my mind until I just had to make him.  Definitely made me think of the famous story of the  Tortoise and the Hare and whilst I hurried to make him Percy waited patiently for me to get to him.  His little amber eyes gently waiting.  I felt so bad because I have a rule that once I place the eyes in I have to put them together - I really don't like leaving them unconstructed which is a problem in the winter as the dark nights make it harder for me to sew.

I thought I'd share some pictures of the making process so you can see how patient he was to wait for nearly two weeks to be completed.

Peanut, Percy and Hector hanging out near Romulus the rocking horse which was handmade by my wonderful Dad.

Trimming the hair around the nose to create that old bear look.

Getting ready to place his heart inside.

Sewing in the ears is one of the most difficult parts.  I carefully cut a slot in the gusset and side panel of the head.  I have to do this as Im going along and the placement of this creates the individual expression of each bear.

I try and time it so that they dont stay in pieces for very long because they make me feel a little sad waiting for me to put aside other things and finish them.

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